DANCECLASS featured Dave Taggart on vocals, Tony Mcananey on bass , Ali Reay on guitar and Trevor Brewis on drums. After an untold amount of live work in their native North East of England, they were finally snapped up by A&M RECORDS in 1981 and the DANCECLASS album was recorded and released in 1982. The bulk of the tracks were recorded in the old Basing Street studios in Notting hill. later to become 'Sarm West' studios but thats another part of music history. Produced by Mike Chapman, the album failed to capture the raw energy of their live sound but there is no getting away from the fact that these were indeed brilliantly crafted songs for their genre. Penned by Dave Taggart and Tony Mcananey with additional material by Ali Reay, the DANCECLASS repetoire of highly energetic and often humurous powertunes have stood the test of time.
EXECUTIVES. Formed in late 78 by Dave Taggart , Tony Mcananey and keyboard player Steve Clifford,The band was at its most potent with the addition of Graham Edmundson on drums and finally Alan Hartley on bass. Their eclectic mix of Ska/ rock crossover was an immediate hit with fans and they quickly built a vast following. Original songs slowly filtered into their powerful live set prompting their first foray into a demo studio. These early recordings still exist but the quality is quite poor. Always sharply dressed and very entertaining to watch, they were very much of their time and finally parted company in late 1979. Although brief , Executives became the blueprint for Taggart and Mcananey's burgeoning writing talent. Steve Clifford went on to form Well Well Well a fantastically talented band who later signed to Arista Records. Ted turned into TEDDY TOY DOLL and successfully recorded and toured with the Toy Dolls between 1981 and 1987. This included tours of the U.S. Japan and most of Europe.